Fortnite Mystery Cube Appears, Grants Shielding

Just now a gigantic mysterious cube has appeared where lightning previously struck yesterday in Epic Games' Fortnite, and players are losing their darn minds trying to figure out what this means. From alien conspiracy theories, to nostalgic comparisons to the Game Cube, the Battle Royale community is roaring over the latest mystery from Season 5 of the hit online game.

You can see the very moment the mystery cube was created in the short clip below alongside some of our favourite fan reactions here. One thing is for sure - with Season 5's ending approaching, it's going to get a lot more weird before the season's out:

Some are speculating that this is where the Galaxy skin came from, when most - including yours truly - thought it was simply a play on being a Samsung Galaxy exclusive. But the colour matches up perfectly and this is definitely giving off an extraterrestrial vibe. One thing we've also learned is that it apparently grants shielding to those nearby, though it is fatal if you get too close:

Some were joking that it's Thor: Ragnorak, but we already did have one Marvel crossover so even though the comment was made it jest - anything is possible in Fortnite.

Of course Epic Games hasn't said anything official yet about the latest mystery, they love to watch the world burn as their fans try to figure out the puzzle themselves before the big reveal. Still, since we are only half-way through Season 5, this boasts well for that grand finale if it truly ends up being a huge event!


We'll be keeping a close eye on the latest development! Consider us invested, Epic Games!

Interested in partaking in the mystery? Fortnite is free to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and some Android devices! Happy hunting!