Fortnite: "No, No One Pooped In a Bag" Says Epic

Gamescom was a wild ride but according to a recent rumor, it was wilder for some more than others. [...]

Gamescom was a wild ride but according to a recent rumor, it was wilder for some more than others. A rumor spread on Twitter that a fan pooped in bag when waiting to play Fortnite at the event, even though it's free to play and even available on mobile. It spread so fast that Epic Games has found themselves in the uncomfortable position of saying "No, no poop was involved."

The senior PR for Epic Games pretty much reflected our sentiment when he said, "I can't believe I need to tweet this ..." with his latest post:

Sounds like a really crappy position to be in, Chester. We're spamming 'F' to pay our respects.

When the story first broke we didn't cover it because one - gross, but two - it just didn't add up. Gamers have done some wild things to get their hands on games but Fortnite is arguably one of the most accessible games out there. This extreme was just unnecessary and we suspected foul (smelling) play.

What a weird report to have to write, but here we are.

We do have to say though that we're glad it's fake because Gamescom is not known for being airy. It's packed, it's crowded, and there's little room for activities. The initial report said that people were smearing the feces around, walking in it - stepping in it. It sounded like an all around time. At least it would have, if it were real.

In other, actual Fortnite news, you need to check out this footage of the mysterious cube that just landed amidst lighting strikes! Just be careful! Though it grants shields to those nearby, it gets angry at aggressors and has definitely proved fatal. Learn more, and see it for yourself, here.

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