Fortnite Releases Chapter 2 Season 2 Launch Trailer

Epic Games released a new launch trailer for the next phase of Fortnite on Thursday alongside the [...]

Epic Games released a new launch trailer for the next phase of Fortnite on Thursday alongside the release of the long-awaited Chapter 2 Season 2. This next season kicked off during the early hours of the day similar to how past seasons and updates have been rolled out and finally put an end to most of the questions players had about the game's next season. With this update and the trailer comes a host of changes affecting various parts of Fortnite along with yet another battle pass to finally give players a new content stream to progress through.

The launch trailer, as you can see below, focuses on new covert operatives in the form of Ghost and Shadow. Several different regulars from Fortnite can be seen going about their business until suddenly called into action to do some serious spy-like business. Honestly? It's kind of delightfully cheesy. It's like watching some sort of Mission: Impossible entry set in Fortnite.

For those who have been keeping up with Fortnite recently, you'll have undoubtedly seen all the teasers for the game which hinted at what was to come. Masked characters, weapons old and new, and other hints bathed in gold and black appeared on the Fortnite Twitter account throughout the week just as past teasers have been released to give an idea of Epic Games' plans for Chapter 2 Season 2. These sorts of teasers in the game, on social media, and in the real world strongly hinted at some sort of spy-themed season reminiscent of a James Bond adventure or something along those lines.

Even if you haven't been keeping up with Fortnite recently but have been at least off and on invested in the game throughout the past few months, you'll understand why Chapter 2 Season 2's arrival is a bigger deal than usual for players. While Fortnite's been getting new content in the form of challenges and various adjustments throughout the past few weeks, players have been in Chapter 2 Season 1 for an exceptionally long time. Fortnite Chapter 2 arrived back in October 2019 and was granted an extension a month later when Epic Games said the game's first season of the second chapter would end in "early February." Chapter 2 Season 2's start date still probably wasn't as early as players would've hoped, but it's at least arrived now.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is now live, so expect there to be lots of new changes to explore as players work through the latest battle pass.