'Fortnite' Cosplay Brings Sash Sergeant to Life

A Fortnite player and high school teacher put together a spot-on cosplay of one of the game’s skins called Sash Sergeant, an outfit that’s not seen quite as often as others.

Sash Sergeant is only seen in the game as a male character, but Reddit user oking2020 imagined the skin in a different way with a female version of Sash Sergeant. Complete with a sash and the scout-like outfit that the skin has in-game, the user showed off her version of the Sash Sergeant skin that she put together for her school’s “character day” during a homecoming week.

Mods removed post so reposting. Sash Sargent for character day for homecoming week! Teachers play fortnite too! from r/FortNiteBR

The cosplayer commented within the thread to say that she was a high school teacher, an environment that’s filled with Fortnite players who would instantly recognize the outfit as something from the game. She said that putting together the cosplay for the homecoming week was a big hit with the students and said that the Sash Sergeant was her go-to skin when playing.

While some skins in Fortnite have pickaxes that are associated with the sets, Sash Sergeant doesn’t. To fill that void and truly tie the Fortnite cosplay together, the player put together a custom-made pickaxe. Referred to as the Party Animal pickaxe in-game, the pickaxe is made to look like a keg of Slurp Juice atop a handle for players to hold while they’re swinging the keg into objects to break them apart. In a comment within the post, a Redditor said that the head of the pickaxe looked like a giant plastic container that cheese balls would be held in, a statement that the teacher said was correct.


With how popular Fortnite has become, amateur and professional cosplayers have put together all kinds of recreations of different skins from the game. Back in August, a cosplayer showed off a Brite Bomber cosplay that was full of neon colors and brightly-colored llamas. People can also easily accessorize their Fortnite looks with different costumes and accessories that Spencer’s sells following an announcement from the summer. Epic Games has even encouraged Fortnite cosplay in a big way in the past with a cosplay competition offering V-Bucks and other prizes for the winners.

You can imitate the Reddit user’s Fortnite outfit by checking out her Sash Sergeant above, but you can still also look for the two Fortnite cosmetics to show up in-game.