New Fortnite x Resident Evil Skins Leak

Fortnite is apparently going to be adding some Resident Evil skins at some point this season based on a leak that appears to have shown off these cosmetics ahead of their scheduled reveals. From what we know so far, it looks like Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, the two main characters from Resident Evil 2 who would also star in their own games throughout the series, will be added to the game. One would imagine that other characters will be added, too, given how many iconic Resident Evil characters there are, but for now, those two are the only ones that we know about.

Twitter user HYPEX shared our first look at the skins for Leon and Claire this week shortly after the game's newest season got underway. This leak followed another from before that first suggested we'd see this sort of collaboration at some point. The skins don't look like they're quite finished yet, but this latest leak is better than most in that it gives us actual looks at their models and clear indicators of which characters will be added first.

Of course, those who are fond of these characters from one game or another will know that the zombie-slaying pair have multiple different looks that they don throughout the games, so it reasons then that we'll see other styles added for them, too Leon's jacket he wears in Resident Evil 4 is one example, and considering how Epic Games already adds alternate styles for most of its premium crossover skins, we'll probably see the same happen here to imitate some of those other popular looks from throughout the Resident Evil series.

As for when these skins will be released, we don't yet have an answer to that. It's most likely they'll go straight into the Item Shop for players to purchase either solo or in bundles that'll come with the usual bevy of associated cosmetics, though there's always the chance that at least one part of this event could be tied to a series of challenges or something similar.