Fortnite Confirms Season 6 Start Date, New Zero Crisis Finale Event Details

Fortnite’s current season will officially end on March 16th during an event where Season 6 will [...]

Fortnite's current season will officially end on March 16th during an event where Season 6 will begin, Epic Games announced this week. The end of the current Fortnite season was long expected to be around the now confirmed time given how long players knew the battle pass would last, but in addition to the date now being official, we also know a bit more about how the season-ending event will be handled.

Like the other seasons before it, the conclusion of Season 5 will happen with the help of a significant event, one that Epic Games said will reshape the reality of Fortnite. Players will start the event by following Jonesy – or Agent Jones as he's been known in the current season – as he finishes his mission to usher in Season 6.

"Chapter 2 Season 6 launches on March 16 with the explosive conclusion of the events of Season 5," Epic Games said. "When you first launch into the new Season, you'll play through the conclusion of Agent Jones' mission in the Zero Crisis Finale. The aftermath of this event is sure to shape Reality as we know it."

As expected from Season 5's focus on the looming entity, the conclusion of this season will be centered around the Zero Point sphere that's floating above the map. the Zero Point's been becoming unstable gradually throughout the season as a foreshadowing of what's to come.

While most of the events that end any given season are done in unique playlists filled with tons of other Fortnite players, this event is interesting in the sense that it's a "solo experience," Epic Games said. The Zero Crisis Finale is a solo event that players can play through after they first log in during the season. For those who want to watch everything unfold first before they hop in, Epic Games said it'd soon share more details on how players can watch that "most ambitious story cinematic yet."

Ahead of the start of Season 6, Epic Games also said Fortnite's Exotic weapons would be discounted to cost less Bars before the current season ends. The final days of the week before Season 6 starts will also be the last chance players have to complete the Season 5 battle pass and related challenges, so if there are any unfinished, now's the time to do them.

Fortnite's Season 6 is scheduled to start on March 16th.