'Fortnite' Season 6 Teaser Revealed

Fortnite's first teaser for Season 6 has been revealed with Epic Games tweeting out an image of what looks like a robotic llama.

With Season 6 just a few days away, Fortnite players expected that Epic Games would share its first teaser for the buildup to the next season. Scheduled to begin on Sept. 27, the Fortnite Twitter account's first teaser for the next season says that "All great parties need a DJ" with the image in the tweet below perhaps hinting at a new skin or perhaps the larger theme of the whole season. It's also worth noting that the character in the tweet is encased in a huge purple cube that's almost certainly the same one that's now descended into Loot Lake.

The teaser is just as cryptic as the tweets that were released for Season 5, but if the past hints at what the upcoming seasons hold are any indication of what to expect from this image, Fortnite will likely be getting a skin just like the character shown in the image. Epic Games shared more than a few Fortnite teasers for Season 5 back in July with masks and axes shown off in the week leading up to the new season, all of which were involved in skins in some capacity. The same pattern appears to be in place with what looks like a DJ Llama skin being one of the first that players can expect to see during Season 6, perhaps as a Battle Pass reward and possibly as a standalone skin that's available to purchase.

Now that the teasers have begun, it means that Fortnite players are in the final stretch of Season 5's Battle Pass, so if there's anything left in it that hasn't been earned yet, players only have a few more days to get what they want from it. Epic Games offered quadruple the experience over the weekend with an announcement that a 400 percent Match XP bonus would be in place from Sept. 21-24, but that bonus has now ended with the week of Season 6 here and the release date drawing nearer.

Fortnite Season 6 starts on Sept. 27, but expect more teasers to come this week before the next season begins.