Fortnite Reveals New Season 8 Teaser

After dropping clues throughout the season to foreshadow the end of Season 7, Epic Games shared one of its customary audio teasers this week for Chapter 2 Season 8. The teaser pointed towards a big finale event called "Operation: Sky Fire" while sharing some details on the event as well as a date for when to expect it. It's scheduled to kick off on September 12th at 4 p.m. ET, Epic Games said, and it'll apparently see groups of players infiltrating the alien Mothership that's been wreaking havoc on the Fortnite map throughout the whole season.

The event's been talked about in the past already, but this new teaser advised layers against working with Dr. Slone in the Operation: Sky Fire event. Through the audio teaser below, the Fortnite character Mari who runs the Hot Saucers program cautioned players about the plans laid out for Operation: Sky Fire and said there might still be one mystery left within the ship that people aren't aware of.

"Hey, I hear you're planning on saving the day with your buddy, Dr. Sloan," the message reads. "Part of me is super relieved, and the other is … honestly really, really scared for you. Just be careful. Take care of yourself, don't count on her to do it. And … there's something else. There might be something on that ship that not even Slone knows about. I don't want to lead you down a panic spiral but … whatever you think the worst thing is, this might be way, way …"

It sounds like whatever's on that ship is bad news, but players of course don't know for sure what that is just yet. That'll probably remain that way until the time of the event on Sunday, though given how common it is for things related to Fortnite to leak online before they're officially unveiled, there's reason enough to believe that someone, somewhere has already shared details about what's going to happen.


But regardless of if that's the case or not, you won't have to wait long to see the event play out. Epic Games said it'll take place in a unique playlist once more with players able to have a total of 16 people in one lobby if they want to bring friends along. Epic Games also advised players to make sure they take care of the usual end-of-season checklist which includes spending on the Gold Bars you've amassed and knocking out any remaining challenges.