'Fortnite' Brings Back Shadow Stones

Fortnite’s Shadow Stones have returned after being temporarily disabled, Epic Games announced on Wednesday.

Sharing the news in a tweet from the official Fortnite Twitter account, Epic Games said that the Shadow Stones have been reenabled in the battle royale mode. The return of the Shadows Stones marks the end of a hiatus that lasted several days after they were added at the start of Season 6.

Still relatively new in Fortnite, especially when considering how long they’ve been disabled, the Shadow Stone item was added at the start of Season 6. Epic Games added them with a teaser in the patch notes alluding to their powers before explaining what they do.

“Embrace the darkness with this new consumable that can be found around the map,” the Fortnite patch notes said.

Harnessing the power of the corrupted areas of the map, the consumable item that could be found on the ground caused players to enter what’s called a “Shadow Form” for a while. While in this form, weapons couldn’t be used, but players would be invisible when stationary. Increased movement speed, jump height, immunity to fall damage, and an ability called “Phase” were some of the benefits of the Shadow Form effect, the ability propelling players in a direction of their choosing and letting them pass through objects once activated.

While the Shadow Stones made players more difficult to find, the consumable itself became impossible to use once Epic Games disabled it shortly after adding it to Fortnite. The consumable item was removed only to be added back later, a reappearance followed by another removal that persisted until Epic Games added them back into the game on Wednesday.


The lack of Shadow Stones in the game did not go unnoticed by the community either with one post addressing the topic appearing on Reddit the same day that the item returned, a post that said that Shadow Stones had been disabled longer than they’d been in the game. Epic Games responded to that commend and said that that goal was to get them back in the game soon, a goal that the developers met by reenabling them shortly after the comment was made.

Shadow Stones have now been reenabled in Fortnite and should be found in the appropriate areas around the map.