Fortnite Fan-Designed Skins Bring Big Lebowski and V for Vendetta to Battle Royale

These fan-designed Fortnite skins are pretty freaking awesome, but that's just like our opinion, man. It's understandable that the creative juices are flowing, no one expected an actual John Wick skin to make an appearance in the game, yet here we are!

Unless Epic Games has something they aren't telling us, we won't be seeing The Dude in the game itself but both The Big Lebowski and V for Vendetta got a little additional love from a fan with these interesting skin designs:

(Photo: SneakyParagon via Reddit)

The designs came from Reddit and we're laughing a little harder than we should at those weapon names. We could totally see this in the game, that cheekiness is real and we love it. Could you imagine getting headshot from The Dude in a bush? The joke writes itself, really.

The Sneaky Bros, the creators behind the above designs, have done similar work in the past with fan designs for Fortnite. They've created Terminator and Breaking Bad concept in the past, and amazingly so as well! With John Wick having officially dropped, this does pose an interesting question of what we'd like to see come in future updates. Would you want The Dude? Maybe a Star Wars inspired look? The possibilities of fandom are endless.

Of course before we get too excited we do have to keep in mind licensing constraints. The above fan artwork isn't official and it's not (to our knowledge) coming to the game anytime soon. It's all in good fun. Now if Epic Games could get those licenses ... we're just saying, we'd be here for it.


In other Fortnite news, did you see the new game mode dropping tomorrow? The latest video to debut the limited-time only game mode can be seen below and it definitely looks intense! Five teams of twenty are pitted against each other for that ultimate Victory Royale. The latest game type will only, understandably, be available for Fortnite: Battle Royale but the good news is that BR is completely free to play! If you've never hopped on before but this looks to be your shtick, you've got nothing to lose by trying it out!