Fortnite Reveals The Combine Will Remain Indefinitely

Fortnite’s new Combine mode where players can practice their skills before going up against other opponents isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Epic Games added this mode not long ago and said it was a place for practice where players could sharpen their reaction times and shooting skills and has now said that The Combine will remain in the game “for the foreseeable future.”

The confirmation that the game mode will be sticking around for a long while to come was shared in Epic Games’ latest update about the state of matchmaking and other Fortnite topics. At the bottom of the post were a few questions and answers about features new to Fortnite which included The Combine. Answering a question asked by many players since it was added, Epic Games said The Combine is here to stay.

“While The Combine was initially intended to help players adjust to our new aiming controls, we’ve already seen some amazing run-throughs and believe players will want to continue improving their skills and decreasing their times,” Epic Games said. “As a result, we intend to keep The Combine as a core mode to Fortnite Battle Royale for the foreseeable future.”

The Combine was originally added towards the end of September when Epic Games also tweaked the way the game’s aim assist system works. Players who participate in The Combine’s playlists have to move quick through a training ground while eliminating opponents to see how quickly they can traverse the challenge.


“This is The Combine playlist, where you can put your skill and muscle memory to the test!” Epic Games said about the mode when it first added it. “Here your goal is to reach the end as fast as possible while eliminating all targets along the way. Practice with and fine-tune your settings, warm up your aim before a match, or compete for the fastest time on the leaderboard with friends or other players. Each leaderboard provides options to sort times by your preferred input device, whether that be keyboard and mouse, controller, or touch. Share your top times with us on our social channels using the #FortniteCombine hashtag! Will you be the fastest?”

Epic Games addressed other common questions in the same post such as queries about how the game’s Bots would work when they’re added next season.

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