Fortnite x The Last of Us Teased by Insider

Fortnite may be getting a crossover with The Last of Us soon. Fortnite is no stranger to huge crossovers and has largely created an identity by being this hub for all of these different franchises. The likes of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and many other superheroes from completely different companies have all crossed over in the game and allowed for a virtual toybox of sorts. On top of just having iconic characters, Epic Games has managed to include weapons, gear, locations, and even huge events to tie-in with these big properties. Epic Games has also managed to make the likes of Kratos and Master Chief exist in the same game on multiple platforms, which is pretty exciting!

Another PlayStation franchise may be coming to Fortnite soon as well. Known gaming insider Nick Baker teased on Twitter that a Fortnite and The Last of Us crossover may be in the works. No other information was given, but it would make sense. The Last of Us Part 1 is a little over a month away from releasing and will likely be one of the biggest releases of September, meaning there will be no shortage of chatter around it. Similarly, The Last of Us Day, a day dedicated to the game franchise and the day the outbreak began in the game's universe, will be on September 26th. It wouldn't be surprising if this Fortnite event happens around one of these events. It's also likely that new footage of The Last of Us on HBO will be shared on The Last of Us Day, so it would make sense of Naughty Dog to really pump up all of the festivities and get as many eyes on the franchise as possible.

As of right now, we have no idea what else to expect from this potential crossover. Of course, this is a rumor right now, so take it with a grain of salt. If it happens, it seems likely Joel and Ellie would get skins and maybe some clickers would appear in the game. All we can do is speculate for the time being.

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