Tony Stark Upgraded Fortnite's Battle Bus, Here's What It Looks Like

Fortnite’s got a shiny new Battle Bus for a limited time courtesy of Tony Stark who’s been [...]

Fortnite's got a shiny new Battle Bus for a limited time courtesy of Tony Stark who's been working on the battle royale vehicle in his Stark Industries lab. The new version of the Battle Bus comes adorned with the signature red designs that come with pretty much all of Stark's creations and now emits a green flame. Starks's alterations to the bus are right in line with the rest of the Marvel-themed content in Season 4, and players can expect to see the bus this way for a limited time before it's replaced with a different upgrade.

Like most things that come to Fortnite, the news of the Battle Bus getting updated was known before whether through leaks that hinted at the upgrade or conclusions drawn from the fact that a bus was in the Stark Industries point of interest on the map. After seeing the bus being worked on in the lab, players deduced that we'd see some sort of Marvel-themed version of the bus released at some point.

That Marvel Battle Bus is now in the game, and you can see it below in some screenshots and a video courtesy of Fortnite dataminers and leakers iFireMonkey and SexyNutella_.

As iFireMonkey mentioned in the follow-up tweet after sharing the screenshots, this version of the bus will supposedly be around until October 21st. After that, it's expected that we'll see the Fortnitemares Battle Bus whenever Epic Games kicks off its Fortnitemares event that happens every year around this time. It could also be that the bus simply returns to its previous state, but for now, we've got this version of the Battle Bus to enjoy.

The creator of the Marvel-themed Battle Bus and his iconic Iron Man suit are just a few of the many superhero skins that have been added to the game this season. Season 4 is entirely centered around Marvel heroes with everyone from Wolverine to maybe even Captain Marvel joining the battle royale game this season.

Just as Marvel is in Fortnite, Fortnite is also now in Marvel as well. It's been declared this season that Fortnite now exists in the continuity of Marvel's stories with Fortnite characters appearing in Marvel comics and on covers alongside some of the most well-known superheroes.

We still have a while to go in Season 4 before a new season starts, so expect to see more Marvel-themed changes throughout the rest of the season.