Fortnite Season 4 Exists Within Marvel Comics Continuity

On Thursday morning, Fortnite launched it's highly-anticipated Season 4, which is filled with [...]

On Thursday morning, Fortnite launched it's highly-anticipated Season 4, which is filled with characters from the pages of Marvel Comics. The trailer/intro for the new season shows Thor, with his new style, appearing on the Fortnite Island via the Bifrost and bringing with him several heroes from Marvel, including Storm, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Wolverine, and Groot. The goal for these heroes is to stop Galactus from devouring the world of Fortnite, though they're getting some pushback from the inhabitants of the island. Here's what's really interesting, though: This entire story is actually a part of Marvel Comics continuity.

Yes, Peely exists in the Marvel Universe. This adventure in Fortnite is a spinoff moment from the current Thor comics run from Donny Cates and Nic Klein. In Thor #4, Thor and Galactus end up going to a few different worlds to devour them and help give Galactus power. That's where this new Fortnite season takes place.

The actual journey to the world of Fortnite isn't seen in Thor #4, but you can read the adventure in a new comic called Nexus War: Thor #1. The comic is free to read on Marvel Unlimited, but also exists within the Fortnite game itself. When you head to the main Battle Pass screen in Fortnite, there's an option to read the comic sitting on the table. Cates wrote the story with art from Greg Land.

"One of the most exciting things about the crossover is how naturally it keeps a foot both in Fortnite and the Marvel Universe," says Marvel Comics and NEXUS WAR editor Mark Basso. "We had a lot of great creative discussions between Marvel and Epic Games about where our storylines could cross over naturally, and seeing how prime a target the Fortnite Island would be for Galactus, who Donny Cates had already been exploring in his THOR series, set the whole thing into motion. If you've been playing Fortnite, you'll have an inkling at how the Marvel characters will work on the Island."

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