'Fortnite' Update Delayed by Epic Games

Fortnite’s next update has been delayed and will not be releasing Tuesday morning as Epic Games [...]

Fortnite's next update has been delayed and will not be releasing Tuesday morning as Epic Games previously announced.

Epic Games typically announces the downtime for whatever update it has planned the day before the update is scheduled to go live, and it did the same on Monday. The update was originally scheduled to be released Tuesday at 5 a.m. ET, but an announcement shared a few hours after the downtime confirmation said the update wouldn't be released on time.

The announcement didn't expand on what the last-minute issues were nor did it give a timeframe for when the update would be released. The delay doesn't mean that it'll be pushed back to another day entirely though so there's still a chance that it'll be released on Tuesday, but that remains to be seen until Epic Games confirms its actual release date.

Only one part of the next Season 7 update was supposed to be delayed at first, according to Epic Games, but within an hour of it announcing the partial delay, the full delay confirmation came. The Driftboard is a new vehicle that was supposed to be released in the next update, a one-person vehicle that looks like a hi-tech snowboard and appears to have a boost function, but Epic Games said it would be pushing back the release of the item to work on some "quality of life" improvements.

Epic Games did allude to the potential of the V7.10 update, the one that's now been delayed, when it announced that the Driftboard item wouldn't be releasing on time.

"We still have tons of quality of life and balance improvements on the way in v7.10," Epic Games said about the update that players will now have to wait longer for.

When delayed, Fortnite's updates historically don't take too long to be released afterwards, so it shouldn't be too long before players are able to update their games to v7.10 and perhaps start using the Driftboard if the update's delay allows the new vehicle to be worked on and implemented.