Fortnite Update Unvaults Item, Adds Another New One

Fortnite's latest update dropped on Tuesday, and with it comes the return of one item and the arrival of a new, slightly altered version of the unvaulted equipment. The returning weapon is the Grappler, a gun that allows players to propel themselves towards a target to cover a distance with exceptional speed. The new weapon that's been added to the game alongside the base Grappler is the Icy Grappler which comes with its own twist.

Starting with the normal Grappler, this weapon functions the same as it did previously. Fall damage still applies when using it, so you have to plan your grapples accordingly, but the Grappler has always been a pretty powerful tool in Fortnite, so expect it to have a similar presence now that it's been brought back for a limited time.

More interesting than the Grappler itself though is the Icy Grappler variant which is also available now. Instead of simply sticking the landing like you would if you used the normal Grappler, this variant allows players to keep sliding upon impact with the ground, thus allowing them to throw enemies off whenever they stay in motion instead of stopping where one might assume they'd land.

"Some people like to stick the landing. Others like to stay moving after landing. If you're the latter type, the Icy Grappler is up your alley!" a preview of the new weapon read. "Just like the regular Grappler, shoot its suction cup to fling yourself to a solid surface, but here's the chilly twist: as you begin flying in the air, the Icy Grappler's frostiness will freeze your feet, causing you to stay moving when you get to your destination. How's this slipperiness advantageous? Evade your enemies' crosshairs as they have a hard time predicting where you'll end up next. Tip: Aim the Icy Grappler at a hill to make it your slide!"

Aside from these two weapons, there's nothing much to speak of in this week's Fortnite update. The Fortnitemares event overall may be over now, but the Horde Rush limited-time mode and associated quests are still up for players who haven't yet gotten enough time with those.


Fortnite's new and returning Grappler variants are now live in the game across all updated platforms.