'Fortnite' Content Update Adds Loot-Filled Presents

Fortnite just received the first of several updates spaced out across the holidays and gave [...]

fortnite presents
(Photo: Epic Games)

Fortnite just received the first of several updates spaced out across the holidays and gave players "Presents" which can be unwrapped to score some quick loot.

Epic Games announced the release of the first of three content updates on Twitter and said it was live now for players to take part in. When asked if the update had gone live, Epic Games confirmed it had and said the content was part of the updates the developer would be releasing throughout the holidays.

"This is the first of three content update that we'll be releasing while the team is on break," Epic Games said about the content. "There's no client update required for Content Updates."

Inside this update was the new Presents item mentioned above, an item that'll grant its wielders some randomized loot to do battle with. Not to be confused with any cosmetic items like skins or accessories, the Presents only provide players with weapons and in-game items.

"Treat yourself!" Epic Games said about the new Presents. "Unwrap this new item and discover which set of item/weapons are waiting inside."

The new item can be found either from floor loot, chests or Supply Drops and has "one of several powerful sets of weapons/items" inside it, so there's no telling what players might get from it before they open it. It's an item with a Legendary rarity, so it's not going to be easy to come across, but players will hopefully get something equally as rare and useful from it once the Presents are unwrapped.

New Limited Time Modes will also make appearances throughout the content updates, those modes appearing alongside returning LTMs during Epic Games' holiday break. Epic Games said those modes would swap out every two days with small-team modes rotating every day.

The Creative Mode that players have been busy with since its release was also changed slightly in the update, but only by the addition of the new Presents item. Presents can be used there, too, and have been added to the Creative Inventory Consumables. It doesn't change the mode much, but some players will inevitably go into Creative Mode to open tons of presents and figure out exactly what can be included in the item and what their chances are of getting certain loot from the Presents.

Fortnite's first v7.10 Content Update is now live across all platforms.