'Fortnite' Player's Video Predicts Where the Cube Is Going

Fortnite’s mysterious cube is still on the move, and one player thinks that they’ve figured [...]

Fortnite's mysterious cube is still on the move, and one player thinks that they've figured out where the curious new object will end up.

The cube appeared in Fortnite Battle Royale with a massive bolt of lightning striking the ground to make way for the interdimensional object. After it appeared, players noticed that it wasn't a stationary cube either. Instead, it appears to be moving at least one time within every two hours, a schedule that's moving it somewhere across the map.

One Fortnite player who goes by the name Dean on Twitter says that he thinks he's figured out where the cube might be heading. Sharing a video on his Twitter account as well as through Reddit and YouTube, the Fortnite theorizer showed that he'd mapped out the cube's trajectory by seeing where it flipped and building a path that imitates the pattern. He repeated the process of imitating the cube's flip 30 times, the time left in the current season at the time that he made the video, and the results had the cube landing at the center of the map.

It's been pointed out that the cube is actually moving faster than just one flip a day, something that players weren't sure of when it first embarked on its cross-map path. Dean pointed out that that doesn't mean the theory is incorrect though seeing how it's still following his methods laid out in the video despite the fact that it's moving quicker than people had expected.

Others have referenced information datamined from the game's files instead to predict where the cube might end up. According to datamines that were done recently, it appears that the cube will be moving a total of seven times with the end of the cube's path potentially dealing with Loot Lake, though it appears to have already moved more than seven times. The phrase "lake_event" was seen in the files to suggest the cube will have some sort of interaction with the lake, though what that is remains to be seen. Dusty Divot is also another potential location where some think it'll land, though nothing's been confirmed yet.

The cube is currently on the move in Fortnite with players tracking its every movement.