Sony Is Giving Free PlayStation Plus Extensions to Disaster Victims

Sony is offering an incredible gesture for those affected by recent natural disasters by extending [...]

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Sony is offering an incredible gesture for those affected by recent natural disasters by extending their PlayStation Plus extensions for free.

The reports of the 1-month PlayStation Plus extensions first started coming in on Reddit via the PS4 subreddit where users were sharing messages that they'd received from Sony indicating that they'd be receiving a free month of PlayStation Plus due to the disasters they'd gone through. Residents of states like Texas and Florida sounded off that they'd received a similar email signifying a PlayStation Plus extension, though the exact scope of the areas that are being targeted by the goodwill gesture from Sony is unknown.

Based on the accounts from the users who have received the emails, it looks as though the deal extends PlayStation Plus membership, not starts them, so if you didn't already have a subscription, you might not have an email coming your way. However, PlayStation might have something in store for others as this is the first that players have begun reporting that they're receiving an extension on their PlayStation Plus membership.

Sony's gift to disaster victims with PlayStation Plus memberships is a small but welcome gesture to those affected, but it isn't the first time that the company has made such a move. Back in October, PlayStation announced a special theme for the PS4 that sent profits to hurricane victims. The theme operated on a pay-what-you-want model where PS4 owners could purchase the theme and send their money to victims while getting a small product in return.

While the two states mentioned above showed up in the user accounts the most often in the discussions about the PlayStation Plus extension, some from Puerto Rico mentioned that they'd not yet received any notice. The emails are likely still on the way though, so those who were affected will likely end up receiving a code as the gesture continues. For now, it's best to keep checking all the folders included in your email accounts that are tied to your PlayStation profiles to make sure you get your email if you were affected by a recent disaster like Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma.

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