'Friday the 13th: The Game' has a New Way to Report Bugs and Players

Gun Media and IllFonic are ready to murder more Friday the 13th: The Game bugs with a brand new [...]


Gun Media and IllFonic are ready to murder more Friday the 13th: The Game bugs with a brand new website that's been set up solely for highlighting problematic glitches.

The new bug-reporting site is part of a recent communication overhaul from Friday the 13th: The Game that gave a sneak peak at tons of upcoming content through a revamped official website. Announced by one of the game's creators and tweeted through the game's Twitter account, plenty of players are no doubt happy to have one central spot to report all of their issues.

Aptly called jasonkillsbugs.com, the site uses a pretty standard report-a-bug system with a couple of fields to quickly fill out in order to raise some awareness for the bug. While the site has mostly been advertised so far as a way to report bugs, especially given the actual name of the site, it's definitely worth noticing that there's also options for reporting players.

"Exploit/Hack" and "Team Killing/Player Misconduct" are both categories that are selectable when choosing a report option. With areas to upload screenshots, videos, a section to detail exactly when the issue occurred, and a lengthy box at the end where bug-reporters can provide more specific information about what happened, players can bring attention to more than just untimely bugs.

Bugs, glitches, and other hopefully unintentional exploits that are found are in no way new to the asymmetrical horror game, but having a way to report them in one easily-accessible area is a big improvement. One of the first iterations of bug-reporting options for Friday the 13th: The Game involved sending in email directly to the game's team about bugs and misbehaving players, but with so many emails pouring in, many of them likely without any proof attached, it's understandable that it'd be difficult to manage so many bug reports. Players also spammed the game's support account on Twitter with bug reports, citing problems that could hardly be fixed with a 140-character explanation.

More bonus content such as a new Jason, more Counselors, maps, and clothing are all on the way, but for now, Friday the 13th: The Game players can focus on gaming and helping to knock out bugs with the new site.