Friday the 13th: The Game Locks Weapon Swapping Behind a High Level

Friday the 13th: The Game will eventually let players swap out Jason’s weapons regardless of [...]

Friday the 13th: The Game will eventually let players swap out Jason's weapons regardless of which Jason variant you pick, but you'll have to be higher than level 100 before you unlock the feature.

Back in February, Gun Media and IllFonic previewed the feature in the video above that lets players switch between Jason's different weapons as part of the pre-game loadout. At the time, all that was known about the feature was that it would be included in a future update that doesn't yet have a release date and that it would be locked behind "a sufficient progression level." What that level was wasn't revealed then, but in the most recent tweet from the official Friday the 13th: The Game Twitter account, it looks as though players will have to reach at least level 113 before they can change out Jason's weapons.

Just as the tweet suggests, the feature doesn't actually offer any in-game bonuses or incentives aside from the cosmetic appeal of holding a pickaxe as opposed to a machete or a spear. If it did change the strengths and weaknesses that are attached to each Jason, it seems appropriate that it'd be locked at a higher level so that players who have stuck with the game can use the feature. Different Jasons are unlockable at lower levels, and those themselves actually have unique advantages and disadvantages. But since it doesn't actually impact the game, some of the community voiced their frustrations and said that the level requirement is too high.

An identical message from Gun Media was shared on the game's subreddit and was met with similar concerns from players who said it'd be difficult to reach this level without too much grinding. Citing the frequency of dropped games where you'll spend upwards of 10 minutes playing only for the game to be disbanded without any experience earned, many don't seem to be looking forward to the lofty level requirement for the weapon-swapping feature. Some players both on Twitter and Reddit said that they've hit the level already with ease – although some also admit to grinding the experience in offline bots – while others say they've been playing since launch and still aren't near the requirement.

Gun Media's community manager Daniel "Shifty Samurai" Nixon responded to a question asking why level 113, in particular, was chosen, but there doesn't appear to be any additional responses at the moment regarding why a lower level wasn't chosen.