Froste Unbanned on Twitch After Rick & Morty Stream

Twitch streamer Erind 'Froste' Puka has returned to the platform following his most recent ban. [...]

Twitch streamer Erind "Froste" Puka has returned to the platform following his most recent ban. Froste was given a 48 hour ban from Twitch after streaming episodes of Rick & Morty while sleeping during a subathon. This marked the second time the streamer was hit with a DMCA strike this month. Earlier in August, Froste received a similar DMCA strike from Disney after allegedly watching Black Panther during a stream. Apparently, the Rick & Morty incident happened after he gave the stream to someone else to take over. Apparently, Froste plans on sleeping on stream during subathons from now on, which should prevent further issues.

Froste's response to the ban can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

DMCA strikes have become a major pain for a lot of Twitch streamers, resulting in tons of clips being taken down due to the presence of copyrighted material. Some game publishers have even tried to help with the problem; earlier this month, Psyonix revealed a new update for Rocket League that allows streamers to turn off copyrighted music while playing the game. Obviously this wouldn't have helped to prevent either of Froste's bans, but it could prove to be a big help for a lot of other streamers! Hopefully, this becomes more common in the gaming industry.

Froste has a large and faithful following on Twitch, and on social media. Bans like this one can be extremely disappointing to viewers, and make it more difficult for streamers to keep a consistent schedule. While Froste's most recent ban has come to an end, the streamer has not yet returned to Twitch. However, he will be streaming again on August 18th at 11 p.m. EST, and readers can check out his channel on Twitch right here.

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