Funko Announces New Dungeons & Dragons Figure Exclusive to Emerald City Comic Con

Funko is releasing a new Dungeons & Dragons POP! figure, but it will only be available for one weekend. Earlier this week, Funko announced they would release a Gelatinous Cube Funko POP! figure exclusively at Emerald City Comic Con, which takes place March 12-15 in Seattle. Seattle is the home of both Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Dungeons & Dragons, and Funko, so an exclusive figure makes a lot of sense. The new figure shows the remains of an adventurer, including his skull, sword, and shield, suspended in the middle of the semi-translucent monster as it ooze ripples menacingly.

Funko first announced its line of Dungeons & Dragons POP! figures last year. To date, the line has included three figures - a Mind Flayer, the archdevil Asmodeus, and the beloved ranger Minsc and his pet miniature giant space hamster Boo. All three figures are available at stores now.


Other ECCC exclusive Funko POP! figures include Zero and Gustave from The Grand Budapest Hotel, the DC superhero Zatanna, a Slime Pit variant of He-Man and Tri-Clops from Masters of the Universe, and a Tanker Bug from Starship Troopers. Several variant Dragon Ball Z figures are also available. While previous ECCC exclusives were "shared exclusives" with stores like GameStop, there's no word if these will be available anywhere else.

To get one of these Funko POP! figures, you'll need to enter a lottery to get a date and time to enter the Funko booth at ECCC. The lottery will remain open through February 16th, and winners will get their time and date on February 21st. For more details about the lottery process, visit the Funko website.