Roberto Orci, ShadowMachine Animation Team Join Galaga Series

It looks like Bandai Namco’s animated treatment of its classic arcade hit Galaga just got some [...]


It looks like Bandai Namco's animated treatment of its classic arcade hit Galaga just got some serious power behind it.

Per this report from Deadline, both writer Roberto Orci and animation team ShadowMachine have come on board for the forthcoming Galaga Chronicles, with a story based on the old-school favorite of the same name.

Announced last year during San Diego Comic-Con by The Nuttery Entertainment digital studio, the 12-episode Galaga series is currently in the shopping phases, set to air sometime between late 2019 and early 2020.

The game, which has a lone invader taking on an armada of aliens through stylish shooting -- as well as the opportunity to man up with double firepower if you're good enough -- has become a phenomenon over the years, and now it should reach out to a new audience with the series.

Orci is working alongside The Nuttery to put the Galaga Chronicles story together, bringing his talent from such big-screen efforts as Transformers, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Star Trek to the picture. He'll also serve as an executive producer for the series.

Meanwhile, ShadowMachine has an impressive resume as well, with work like BoJack Horseman, Robot Chicken and Final Space under its belt.

"Galaga is one of the games I played growing up," Orci said. "I have fond memories of the quarters and hours upon hours I spent playing the game. I look forward to working with The Nuttery and to capture that magic in an exciting new format."

"This is by far one of the best video game adaptations I've ever read or been a part of. It is an absolute playground for animation." ShadowMachine founder and CEO Alexander Bulkley said.

Magnus Jansson, CEO for The Nuttery, also spoke on signing the talents to the project. "We couldn't be more stoked to have this level of creativity and craftsmanship on board our space adventure. Roberto's incredible sense of story and science fiction mastery and ShadowMachine's excellent animation and design chops have already elevated the project to the next level. I think we are sitting on an amazing origin story for Galaga that will not disappoint fans of the game, or of science fiction in general."

We'll let you know how progress continues to move along on the animated series. Hey, are there "Challenging stages" in it?