Game Boy is Making a Comeback Courtesy of Hyperkin

CES is currently underway, and some of the greatest tech companies all over the world are joining [...]

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CES is currently underway, and some of the greatest tech companies all over the world are joining up to show off what they've got coming in 2018. While many companies are showcasing innovative ideas never before seen, Hyperkin is giving us the throwback of the century with the Game Boy's return.

The classic's return isn't a surprise given the popularity of throwback systems. It may not be the "Game Boy Classic," but it is bringing back the familiar handheld that many of us look back on fondly. As of now, the Game Boy nod is called the Ultra Game Boy and the project is currently still in development phase.

But the Ultra Game Boy is more than just a simple re-release. The remade handheld aims to improve upon the original system, without actually tampering with the game experience that many of us love. For starters, the housing is made out of aluminum alongside a newly added third dial that allows players to control the LCD backlit display - including various RGB displays! For those looking for a more traditional experience, the backlight can be turned off - but for those that don't mind a tiny upgrade, the newly added feature is definitely a welcome addition.

(Photo: Gizmodo)

Other features include:

  • 6 hour battery life
  • Stereo speakers
  • USB-C charging port
  • RGB contrast controls

One thing to note about the new Game Boy is that unlike Nintendo's classic remakes, the Ultra Game Boy won't feature any built in games. That being said, classic cartridges are completely playable, and "retro" has made a huge comeback making buying old titles incredibly easy to do. Even popular games retailer GameStop has started selling older games once more in select locations and online!

The revamped handheld is expected to release sometime this Summer, though the Ultra Game Boy isn't its definitive title. Interested in scooping one up? They are set to retail at $100 on release.