New Gameplay Montage Video for Fire Emblem Warriors Brings Fan Favorites Front and Center

A new video has been released that's essentially a montage of favourite characters from the Fire Emblem series for the upcoming Warriors title. Team up and play as beloved figures from the franchise to take down the enemy in the latest RPG experience.

Fire Emblem Warriors is a title that brings what fans love from the Dynasty Warrior series to the heroes of Fire Emblem. A strategic action RPG, the upcoming title will showcase recognizable characters from previous Fire Emblem games, making it a great experience for both newbies and veterans oft he franchise.

Be it Marth, Chrom, Robin, Lissa, or Corrin you get to play as, slay hordes of enemies standing in your path toward defeating the Chaos Dragon. There are a total of 16 characters to choose from (if including both version of Robin) and, as far as has been revealed, these are the characters present in the core game. Some notable figures have been excluded, but there's always the possibility of future DLC coming to light.


Fire Emblem Warriors is set for a September 28th release date for Japan, and an October 20th release everywhere else. The latest game will only be available for the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS.