GameCube Controllers Coming To Nintendo Switch

With Super Smash Bros. set to make its debut on the platform later this year, some fans are [...]

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With Super Smash Bros. set to make its debut on the platform later this year, some fans are probably wondering if they'll be able to use GameCube controllers on the Nintendo Switch. After all, that's the preferred control method when it comes to bashing heads in Nintendo's forthcoming fighting game.

Well, the good news is that they will be able to...sort of. Ahead of E3 next week, it appears some pictures have appeared online suggesting that peripheral manufacturer PowerA is hard at work on a line of GameCube controllers for the Switch. They're officially licensed so they'll be like the real deal, even if they aren't made by Nintendo.

The pictures were posted to Imgur by a Reddit user named Mew_The-Creator. He noted that they were part of some new designs that have been "delivered to the facility," indicating that he may be working with PowerA. They're available in purple and black colors.

He noted, "Nintendo sent them to our facility to produce product layout for stores so the actual controllers aren't in there, but the product is confirmed."

It's unknown when the controllers will be available, but more than likely they'll launch later this year alongside the Smash Bros. game, so players will pick them up alongside their copy.

In addition, Mew_The_Creator also revealed some new Super Mario designed controllers that will be available later this year, including various different colors and designs. These include a solid red controller with a matching D-pad; a design that features various Mario characters in black and white; a couple of black controllers with Mario designs; a white controller with red D-pad and buttons; and a solid blue controller with a funky design to it.

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They're likely to be priced at $24.99 apiece, like the other wired controllers being sold right now. No word yet on how much the GameCube controllers will cost.

We'll see if we can get more information from PowerA on these new peripherals next week! There's also a good chance that Nintendo could announce them during their Direct special, or at the very least have fans stop by the booth to get a better look at the controllers in person.

Super Smash Bros. will release later this year for Nintendo Switch.

(Hat tip to Imgur for the pics!)