GameStop Is Planning "Unique Experiences" Around PS5 and Xbox Series X

Sony and Microsoft are releasing the next generation of consoles later this year, and many are [...]

Sony and Microsoft are releasing the next generation of consoles later this year, and many are viewing the launch of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X as a pivotal time for GameStop. The retailer and the overall gaming industry have changed dramatically since the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with digital sales on the rise since then, but GameStop is confident the new hardware releasing this holiday season will bring in the crowds. To help ensure that happens, the company is planning "unique experiences" built around the new consoles that'll give people a chance to experience the next generation before buying anything. spoke to GameStop's executive vice president and chief customer officer Frank Hamlin recently about the company's newly redesigned PowerUp Rewards program. After learning more about that updated subscription service, we followed up to see if GameStop had a vision for how the next generation of consoles would impact the PowerUp program, the new store designs currently being tested, and the company as a whole.

A GameStop spokesperson responded by saying GameStop is expected to be the preferred destination for the next-gen consoles. Those who take GameStop up on that bet will be able to experience the consoles before they purchase one.

"Once the new consoles are available later this year, you can bet GameStop will be THE Destination fans will want to visit to purchase their console platform of choice," a GameStop spokesperson said, emphasis their own. "We will provide our customers unique experiences to help drive excitement around the new consoles, as well as offer them the opportunity to experience the new systems before they purchase them. And let's not forget our trade-in program and how that will help many gaming fans finance the purchase of the new systems."

It wasn't specified what those "unique experiences" might be, though those who recall the launch of the current generation of consoles will remember demo kiosks were released in stores such as GameStop and other retailers before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched. Whether it's through a similar preview strategy or an expanded one that coincides with GameStop's latest pivots, people can at least expect to familiarize themselves with the new consoles before they decide on purchasing anything.

The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are scheduled to release later this year during the holiday season. New information about the consoles has been trickling out periodically, but it's still unknown how much they'll cost. GameStop often offers trade-in incentives around the releases of major products, and it based on the statement, it seems like we can expect that to happen this year with the next consoles.