GameStop Set To Give Away 100 NES Classics This Month

Even though Nintendo officially discontinued the NES Classic Edition earlier this year (in favor [...]


Even though Nintendo officially discontinued the NES Classic Edition earlier this year (in favor of the forthcoming SNES Classic Edition, which drops next month), it appears that some retailers are still working on some promotions where fans can get a chance to win one before they truly go away.

Last month, GameStop's ThinkGeek page hosted a little sale where fans could get their hands on an NES Classic Edition, provided it was in a bundle that came with other old-school related goodies, such as a Mega Man helmet or a Piranha Plant puppet. And now it appears that the retailer is at it again, about to host another promotional event this month revolving around the little system.

Our Twitter friend Wario64 recently posted a picture from GameStop's promotional page, indicating that "We're giving away 100 NES Classics in the month of August!" Now, the promotion didn't note when it would be giving the systems away, or even how. But if you keep an eye on GameStop's social feeds over the next few days, it's likely to give you the lowdown. You can see the tweet in all its glory here, along with Wario64 noting, "So they still have more…"

While the idea of hosting giveaways and forcing bundles on fans may not be the best way for GameStop to do business, it's still effective – and no doubt it'll probably try to offer even more in September, leading up to the arrival of the SNES Classic Edition. The company is no stranger when it comes to trying to cater to the needs of the gamers – judging from its recent decision to be open on Thanksgiving this year, much to the dismay of its hard-working employees.

We'll see what the company has planned in the weeks ahead, but, yeah, if you want an NES Classic Edition and you're not fond of the idea of paying triple digits to get one, this may be the better bet for you. Otherwise, the SNES Classic Edition pre-orders await…