10 Heartwarming Video Game Holiday Cards from Studios & Devs

(Photo: Blizzard Entertainment)

Happy holidays! No matter which title you're waiting to find under the tree (or wherever you decide to keep your gifts) this season, it's pretty interesting to think about how video games have become something of a staple of the season. The year's biggest titles get bundled into special discounted packages ahead of December 25th, and consoles often see their highest sales since launch in preparation for Christmas day.

So, it's no surprise when some of our favorite developers share their love for the season. After spending the year working on their latest titles and learning about their fans, companies and developers have been sharing some feel-good holiday cards and artwork to wish everyone a joyful end to the year. We decided to round-up some of the best ones into one place to celebrate the spirit of the season.

The folks at Microsoft are settling in for a cozy Christmas Eve, so they decided to share a graphic to remind you what to leave out for Santa. Who knew pixels could look delicious?

Naughty Dog shared some gorgeous artwork of their arguably most popular characters, Joel and Ellie, from The Last of Us.

Media Molecule, the brains behind Little Big Planet, shared something that sounds stinky, but looks (uncomfortably) cute, made in their sandbox video game, Dreams.

Sony Santa Monica chose an adorable piece of fan art for their holiday card this year, featuring Kratos and Atreus.

Bethesda's holiday card highlighted some of its most well-known characters.

Bioware made us wonder momentarily if we'd rather be on the naughty list. Uh.

Capcom offered some Puzzle Fighter bonuses, but the highlight of their holiday tidings has to be the awesome playlist that they put together from Dead Rising 4.

The team behind Tekken 7 has had a busy year, so this art probably perfectly summarizes what they intend to do this season.

Street Fighter's dev team reminded people to bundle up, Kolin-style, for the holidays.


SNK, creators of such classic titles as Metal Slug and King of Fighters, wished players a wonderful holiday by using characters with the biggest hair they could find, including Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown.

What games will you be playing over the weekend? Sound off and let us know!