Gearbox Software Hints At New Franchise Set To 'Surprise' Players

While Gearbox Software took a rather big hit from its failed Battleborn experiment, the company is still doing rather well, particularly from its recent team-up with People Can Fly with the revival of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. And while we wait to see if they will, in fact, bring back Borderlands for another go-around, it sounds like they've got something new planned.


John Vignocchi has announced that he is joining the team, after spending several years working at Disney Interactive. In a cryptic tweet, he noted that he would beginning work on a new franchise for the company, and players will be pleasantly surprised by what it has to offer.

You can see the tweet here, where he explains, "Big news! Excited to announce I am joining the merry band of misfits at Gearbox Publishing. I'll be taking the reins as Executive Producer on a new tent-pole franchise for the company!!!

But when he was asked about what this franchise is, he wouldn't say. But in another tweet, he did hint, "We will be working on something that we hope will surprise and delight gamers of all ages; whether you're six or sixty... And I cannot wait to share more!" So we know it's not a Borderlands game or an entry in Brothers In Arms. Could it be a new kiddie franchise?

The company has been known to surprise us in the past with its announcements, particularly with Aliens: Colonial Marines and Bulletstorm, although, well, they don't always go as planned. But it sounds like Vignocchi, alongside CEO Randy Pitchford and the Gearbox team, have something big planned. Could we see an announcement during The Game Awards? Or maybe E3 2019, if Borderlands 3 doesn't take its thunder? Guess we'll have to wait and see.


All the same, it sounds like the team is ready to move forward with something new, alongside successful projects it's worked on in the past. We certainly wish them, along with Vignocchi, the best of luck on what they have planned next. Just make sure to drop us a hint or two, huh, guys? We're not good on waiting.

Meanwhile, you can check out Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. And you totally should.