Gearbox Teases Another New Game

Gearbox is teasing another new game that'll be unveiled at PAX East, though it doesn't appear to be Borderlands-related like the last teaser.

Following up its first teaser that almost certainly has to do with Borderlands, specifically Borderlands 3 if people's wishes are finally fulfilled, Gearbox shared another tweet that explicitly said whatever game is being teased will be featured at the upcoming event. Gearbox's text accompanying the teaser image left much to be desired in terms of details, but it's at least got an interesting, sci-fi scene to pick apart ahead of PAX East.

A robot is the focus of the teaser image above, but the technological construct doesn't appear to be doing so hot. It looks like the robot's body has been segmented into several parts with its legs and arm hanging off the sides of what appears to be a table for operating or examining. The tone's not a positive one, especially with an ominous red glow illuminating the doorframe.

That's about all people have to go off of for now, though we can infer it's probably not Borderlands related by contrasting it with the previous teaser. Whatever it is, it looks like it'll have quite the emphasis on robots, or at least the robot that's shown on the table. Throughout the many replies to Gearbox's tweet about the new game, the official Gearbox account itself responded to several that referenced robots with a robot reference of its own.

The tweet about the second game comes just a day after the first tweet that unsurprisingly started with the biggest teaser for what's shaping up to be Borderlands 3, so perhaps this is the start of a continuing stream of Gearbox teasers leading up to PAX East. That certainly wouldn't be an issue for Borderlands fans and those who just like Gearbox's games in general, though even if there aren't more teasers to look forward to, it's clear Gearbox has big plans for PAX East.


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