Gears 5 Players Still Experiencing Some Matchmaking Issues, The Coalition Responds

Gears 5's early access launch is complete as of September 6th now that the game is available worldwide for all those who own the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition. As expected with new games that launch with online services, the release was a bit bumpy at times as players couldn't connect to others through the game's various online modes. Much of the turmoil and problems afflicting the online modes seem to have subsided by now, but Gears 5 developer The Coalition said it's investigating reports from players who are still experiencing some issues.

The latest in a series of several updates on the status of Gears 5's servers was shared by The Coalition on Friday morning, the day of the game's early access release. This update acknowledged that there were "reports from a small percentage of users" who were having problems matching up with others to play online. Those issues are being investigated, The Coalition said, with the devs "working hard to get all users connected ASAP."

It's a significantly better place for the Gears 5 servers to be at compared to how they looked right when the game started launching in North America. Versus matches weren't often possible with players being met with a message that said the mode was unavailable while co-op campaign matchmaking also had problems. Even playing through the campaign solo meant you'd still receive the occasional notification that you'd been disconnected from the game's online services.

But now the problems seem to have mostly cleared up, so Gears 5 players should be able to test out the game's different modes. Like other games with competitive playlists such as Gears 5's ranked mode, however, it's probably best to wait until you know the coast is clear so you don't tank your rank due to connection problems.

Some players have also reported that they're not seeing their Halo: Reach content nor are they seeing a Boost active, but The Coalition has the solution above for that problem as well.


Gears 5 is currently available in its early access form and will fully release on September 10th.