'Gears 5' Will Be Something Players Have Never Seen Before, Says Developer

According to The Coalition, Gears 5 will offer up something players of the series have never seen [...]

gears 5
(Photo: The Coalition)

According to The Coalition, Gears 5 will offer up something players of the series have never seen before.

While speaking during a Gears 5 specific X018 panel, studio head Rod Ferguson at one point talked about Gears of War 4 and the studio's approach to making it. According to Ferguson, Gears of War 4 was about showing fans they could make a Gears of War game. In other words, legitimize itself. And the team feels like they did that, and now as a result they feel room to take more risks and show fans what they can do with the beloved series.

"One of the things [with Gears of War 4 was], we were a new studio bringing Gears of War back, and we really felt that we had to prove ourselves, that we could make an authentic Gears of War experience," said Ferguson. "So we didn't want to go crazy, because then they'd be like 'these guys don't know what they're doing. What's going on, what happened to our franchise? This isn't the Gears of War I wanted.' What we wanted to do for 4 was just re-establish the franchise and establish The Coalition as a legitimate studio. And we've been embraced by fans, and they loved Gears 4, and we feel like we've accomplished that goal. So now, Gears 5 is about bringing The Coalition's personality to the game. Now we're gonna see a bunch of innovation, a bunch of change, a bunch of things things that are really exciting that are really different, but still feel very Gears of War."

Ferguson continued, noting that one of the pillars of Gears 5 has been making sure it's a "dramatic contrast" to anything fans have seen in the past. And this idea of dramatic contrast also carries over into level design.

"Dramatic contrast was the word we used," said Ferguson. "Part of Gears 5 is dramatic contrast – going from very small cramped spaces to very large open spaces. Going from this desert to a frozen tundra. We wanted you to have throughout your experience constant contrast, and dramatic change."

Meanwhile, Eugene Byrd, the voice behind Del Walker, chimed in, noting that the goal of the team is "to give you something you haven't seen."

Gears 5 is in development for PC and Xbox One, and is expected to release sometime next year.

Source: GOWSeriesVideos via GamingBolt