Xbox Insider Provides Update on Gears of War 6

A prominent industry insider has provided an update on Gears of War 6, confirming it won't be revealed at E3 2021, which rules out a 2021 release and possibly a 2022 release as well. Xbox and The Coalition haven't formally announced Gears of War 6 yet, but the expectation is it will be out next year given that Gears of War 5 released in 2019, three years after Gears of War 4. However, unless Gears of War 6 is going to be revealed after E3 in the second half of the year or unless the pair will reveal and release the game in the same year, a 2022 drop may be off the table.

Gears of War 5 was announced at E3 2018 and released in fall 2019. If Gears of War 6 isn't revealed until E3 2022, then it will presumably be out in 2023. Unfortunately, right now, we have no clue when the game will release. What we do know -- via VentureBeat's Jeff Grub -- is it's not being revealed at E3 2021.

"Not optimistic," replied Grubb when asked about the chances the game is revealed by Xbox at E3 2021. "They [Xbox] have too much else going on and yeah not at this E3. They are not going to have it at this E3. If they were going to have it at this E3 I think I would have probably heard about it by now and I haven't."


Unfortunately, this is all Grubb had to share about the game. He doesn't reveal when it could be revealed or when it could release. As for the aforementioned pair -- Xbox and The Coalition -- they have not commented on this new report. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more coverage on all things Xbox, click here or check out the relevant links below: