Gears of War Boss Rod Fergusson Leaves The Coalition For Blizzard and Diablo

Change truly is the only constant in the video game industry. Rod Fergusson certainly understands that better than most, today. Fergusson has left Microsoft's The Coalition to join Blizzard, where he'll be in charge of the Diablo franchise, moving forward. Fergusson has worked on every previous entry in the Gears of War franchise. Diablo will make another impressive addition to Fergusson's resume, which also includes such venerated franchises as Half-Life and BioShock. It's quite easy to see why Blizzard was interested in the first place! Blizzard currently has two new iterations in the Diablo franchise in the works: Diablo 4 and the mobile title Diablo Immortal.

In a statement given to, Xbox's Matt Booty had kind words to say about Fergusson's departure:

"Rod is certainly someone who has had a tremendous impact on the franchise overall, going back to the original Gears. We are really grateful for the craft and just his passion, and also just what he has done to build that community. We wish him well as he moves on."

The news will certainly come as a bit of a disappointment for some Gears fans, but it should be noted that a number of other, long-term members remain at The Coalition, and Fergusson's departure will likely have a minimal impact on the franchise moving forward. Given the quality of the series, it will be interesting to see what impact Fergusson might have on the Diablo franchise. Fergusson has a bit of a reputation as a closer in the video game industry, and his leadership could help to ensure Diablo 4 lives up to expectations.

Unsurprisingly, Fergusson had glowing things to say about his former coworkers on social media, telling fans to look forward to the April 28th release of Gears Tactics. After all, while Fergusson very clearly made a mark on the series, it also made a mark on him, as well; Fergusson has a Gears of War tattoo.


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