Genshin Impact's PS5 Release Date, Enhancements Revealed

The wait for Genshin Impact's PlayStation 5 version is almost over with the enhanced console version of the game scheduled to release on April 28th. This new version of Genshin Impact outfitted specifically for the PlayStation 5 console will come with some of the expected enhancements other games on that platform have benefitted from once they got their upgrades. We'll also see the game's next big update called "Beneath the Light of Jadite" release at the same time the PlayStation 5 version does.

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo and Sony announced the release of the PlayStation 5 version on Friday during a special preview of what's to come in the next update. With that Beneath the Light of Jadite update scheduled to release on April 28th, it makes sense that the pair would release the PlayStation 5 version on the same day.

From past previews, players already knew of some of the enhancements planned for the PlayStation 5 version. They include support for 4K resolutions and better loading times so that players can go about their quests and events quicker than they ever could on the PlayStation 4 consoles.

"And finally: we are extremely excited to announce that a native version of Genshin Impact for PlayStation 5 will be released on April 28," said Zhenzhong Yi, the studio technical director at miHoYo. "With native support for PlayStation 5 comes 4K resolution, enhanced textures, and faster loading times."

The PlayStation 5 version's release date is something PlayStation owners have been waiting on for a while now, but for everyone regardless of what platform you're on, the update releasing alongside the PlayStation 5 version has more content to look forward to. It comes with Eula, a five-star Cryo character, and Yanfei, a four-star Pyro character. These characters are the driving force of Genshin Impact and its gacha system and are frequent subjects of datamines and speculation about what's to come.


A new home system will also be added to the game that'll allow players to create their own living spaces within a Serenitea Pot. Blueprints can be found across Teyvat to allow players to customize their spaces after they've established the layout of the realm they want to live in.

Genshin Impact's PlayStation 5 version and the game's next update release on
April 28th.