Sucker Punch Hints at Japanese Dialogue for Ghost of Tsushima

The Ghost of Tsushima panel at PlayStation Experience didn’t quench viewers’ thirst for gameplay, but it did bring up the exciting possibility of Japanese dialogue being used throughout the game.

Sucker Punch and Sony Interactive spoke with IGN’s Brian Altano for around 45 minutes on Saturday while discussing the upcoming game’s themes and the work that went into the trailer, but if you watched it up until the very end, you could easily hear the audience’s opinions on Japanese dialogue. Nate Fox, the creative director for Ghost of Tsushima, referred to himself as a “lazy” creative director before transitioning that into a question of whether the audience would enjoy playing the game with Japanese dialogue.

While some panels can be sporadic with applause and responses, the answer to Fox’s question was clear. At the 45:50 mark in the video above, Fox couldn’t even hardly finish the question before the crowd responded with clapping and cheering to which Fox simply said “Noted” at the end.

Fox's question and the following response even merited a tweet from the official PlayStation account that was covering the ongoing PSX events. The tweet highlighted the panel conversation for those who missed it, a reference that makes the possibility of having Japanese dialogue in the game look even more promising.


Other games such as the Yakuza series and NieR: Automata have used Japanese dialogue with English subtitles as an option to satisfy everyone, and while the response to the Japanese language and voices being included has been praised when it comes to making the games more authentic, having an option is the most important thing here. With the game being set in feudal Japan, Japanese dialogue would certainly be appropriate, but an option for the feature would give players the choice to switch the dialogue back to English if they find that the scenes are too hectic to digest what’s going on on-screen while reading the subtitles.

Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t yet have a release window, but you can watch the full panel above to learn more about Sucker Punch’s game.