Ghost of Tsushima Trailer Reveals Release Date

Sony announced Ghost of Tsushima’s release date on Thursday with a new trailer that confirmed the game will be out for the PlayStation 4 on June 26th. The stylish action game was previously given a release window of Summer 2020 before being narrowed down to an exact date by Sucker Punch Productions, the studio responsible for developing the game. The game’s release date was revealed alongside a trailer that focused on the protagonist of the game, Jin Sakai, and how he fits into the world that’s only been teased so far.

This trailer revealed several of the supporting characters who will be featured in the game. Andrew Goldfarb, the communications manager at Sucker Punch, offered some insights into these characters and how they’re connected to Jin.

“The first is Jin’s uncle, Shimura, the jito (lord) of Tsushima and a father figure to Jin,” Goldfarb said about the game’s characters. “He’s trained Jin since childhood in the traditional ways of the samurai, and grows increasingly concerned by the tactics Jin starts to adopt as he abandons his teachings and becomes The Ghost. The second important character we’re highlighting today is Khotun Khan. The Khan is the leader of the invading Mongol army and a ruthless, cunning enemy who uses everything he knows about the samurai to try to destroy them. He’s a brutal, unrelenting adversary that Jin will quickly learn not to underestimate.”

Along with this trailer and release date, multiple special editions of Ghost of Tsushima were also announced. There’s a digital version like always which will be available through the PlayStation Store, and there’s also a Digital Deluxe edition for $69.99 which comes with a Hero of Tsushima skin set. This version of the game also has an in-game item and a “technique point” along with a dynamic PlayStation 4 theme and a mini art book.

Beyond those digital editions, there are two physical options. The Special Edition has a SteelBook and a voucher for everything included in the Digital Deluxe and some extras. It’s also available for $69.99. Pre-orders are live here at Best Buy.

Above all those options is the Collector’s Edition which goes for $169.99. It comes with a replica mask, a sashimono which is a war banner, a furoshiki which is a wrapping cloth, a SteelBook, a mini art book, and the game’s map printed on a cloth. Everything included in the Digital Deluxe Edition comes with this Collector’s Edition as well. Again, pre-orders are up and running at Best Buy.


Ghost of Tsushima releases for the PlayStation 4 on June 26th.

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