Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP: New Maps, Free Mode, And More Adds Much Needed Substance

For those enjoying Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Wildlands, the newly launched PvP mode God War has a few [...]

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For those enjoying Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Wildlands, the newly launched PvP mode God War has a few new revamps to freshen up the play experience. The mode itself was implemented at the beginning of October, but though fun - lacked a lot of substance. Luckily it seems that there will be some much needed changes to God War giving players a reason to take on the PvP world.

The update went live this week and brings with a new class, new maps, and a new game mode! In addition to laying out the (free) content with "Update 1", Ubisoft also laid out their plans all the way out until "Update 6" in April of next year. Here's a breakdown of everything new with this latest update courtesy of Ubisoft:

New Mode - Uplink

The new PvP mode added is called UPlink and pits teams of four against each other in an objective-based event. Players are also given the option to "hack their way into victory," with a promise of a special reward for doing so.

Four new maps are also paired with this mode, similar to the release of the Ghost War Elimination Mode. The new maps provide different environments for players to flesh out their strategy for the big win in the provided tactic conditions. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.

New Class - Disrupter

"Meet the Disruptor, the newest addition to the Ghost War family! Disruptors are powerful additions to every team – their unique abilities allow them to affect the HUD of opponents who come too close to them. If you've played Fallen Ghosts, you might know what we're talking about – the effect of the Disruptors is very similar to what you'd experience from jammers in that expansion. If enemies come too close to Disruptors, their HUD will be scrambled, leaving them to depend on nothing but their eyes."

More About The Maps

- Warehouse

- Oil Rush

- Burnout

- Sub Factory

We are also releasing two new maps to Elimination mode:

- Cartel Depot

- Farm Town

Update Fixes And Misc Changes

- Fixed an issue where the name and description for the Thermal Vision Perk were incorrect.

- Fixed an issue where the weapon icon was missing in the kill log for P12 (Scout Class), P45T (Artillery Class), and 5.7 USG (Tank) pistols.

- Fixed an issue where the Aim Assist would reset to ON at the beginning of every round.

- Fixed an issue where the aiming and damage UI circle of the Mortar drone was not shown on the surface of the water.

- Fixed an issue where the medic drone mark remained active on the HUD for all other classes with a drone in bag.

- Fixed an issue where the enemy sound marker was not showing on the tacmap when spectating.

- Fixed an issue where the suppression bubble of the first player would shield other players behind him in a line.

- Fixed an issue where the maximum ping distance shown in spectate mode was limited to 148 m.

PC-specific changes:

- Fixed an issue where the player would become invincible as long as the top bar of the game, while set to windowed mode, was clicked and held.

- Fixed an issue where changing the helicopter pitch invert Y-axis on the mouse would also affect pitching up and down from the keyboard.


- Recruit: The drone has been removed from his loadout.

- Tech: Increased HP by 30%.

- Pointman: Increased HP by 10%.

- Sniper: Removed mines and reduced damage; Assault Classes will need two body shots.

- Enforcer: Made it possible to change his weapon's scope.

- Ranger: Increased stamina by 50% and increased effectiveness of PSG submachine gun.

- Sentinel: Improved interface to make tracking easier.

- Diversionist: Increased drone's battery.


- Quarry: South spawn point has been moved forward and more cover has been added.

- Dust Town: Streamlined the map layout and removed part of the map that was too easy to defend.

- Coca Farm: This map has been temporarily removed from quickplay rotation. It's still available in Custom Match.


- Most classes can now choose their handguns from a wider selection.

- Alternate scope attachments have been added.

- Removed the damage reduction from having a suppressor equipped.

- Ability to holster weapons have been removed.

Other improvements:

- Leaving ongoing matches will now result in time-out penalties.

- Matchmaking was tweaked so that beginner players have better chances to encounter appropriate opponents.

- Reduced the amount of XP required to reach each level so players will progress quicker. Some issues related to the functionality of the progression UI have also been fixed.

Ghost Recon Network

- New statistics has been introduced to integrate the new features (Uplink mode and Prestive level)

- A new slider on the dashboard page will give a better overview on our news.

You can find a more detailed list of the balancing changes on the forums, along with some explanations.