10 Holiday Gifts for the Die-Hard Playstation Fan

(Photo: Sony)

Buying for gamers over the holidays can be easy, or extremely hard. The player who has kept up with every best selling title over the past year often has very different demands than the type that prefers to take their time on their favorite titles, and beyond that, many gamers have a preferred platform to play on, so getting it right for the unengaged might be rough. With that in mind, we’re putting together gift guides crafted for players of all walks on life, sorted by platform. Since the annual Playstation Experience is taking place this weekend, here are a few things to look at for the Sony fan who can’t get enough.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn - $40

From its gorgeous gameplay to its fast-paced bow and arrow action, Horizon Zero Dawn is a title that belongs in every Playstation fan’s collection. The post-post-apocalyptic storyline introduces players to mechanical dino-titans, and gives them an open world to explore like none other. The game’s determined protagonist is a perfectly balanced heroine with an engaging story, continuing to pave the way for more interesting heroes like her in the future. If you know a gamer that doesn’t have this title, make sure to do them a favor and put it under the tree this year.

(Photo: Sony/Playstation)

Sony is offering what seems like a mountain of assorted bundles his year for all of its hardware and games, but the VR bundles stand out for the sheer deals they are. Among the best of them is the Skyrim bundle, which includes Sony’s Playstation VR headset, the Playstation camera, Skyrim VR, and two Playstation Move controllers. The VR adaptation of Skyrim has been getting rave reviews, and with everything needed to hop right into the game inside, this is a great grab for the gamer who wants a more immersive experience.

  • Fallout Vault 111 Coffee Mug - $6.99

The Fallout franchise has made its mark on gaming history with some of the most popular games in the past ten years. Give your post-apocalyptic morning some extra pep with a fresh cup ‘a joe in this stylish mug (no radioactive toxins included - we promise).

  • X Rocker Console Gaming Chair - $150.00

This comfy rocker is made specifically for console gamers, and comes with built-in speakers, along with an ergonomic backrest that will keep you away from your chiropractor.

(Photo: Sony Playstation)

The latest addition to Sony’s Playstation hardware line may seem like it’s for the tech-enthusiastic (and it is), but even the casual gamer will appreciate the processing quality of this console. The PS4 Pro is the perfect compliment to those holiday season TV buys, ready to present graphics in 4K with beautiful games like the previously-mentioned Horizon Zero Dawn and The Witcher 3.

  • PS Gold Wireless Headset - $82

Got a gamer in your house who loves surround sound, but doesn’t have a headset to contain it all? Sony’s Playstation Gold headset is custom-made for Playstation consoles, with 7.1 virtual surround sound and a noise-cancelling microphone. Players can swap out plates to make their headsets, and further customize their experience by using the Headset Companion app, which includes special sounds exclusively made for Playstation games.

Treat your console right (and create a cool display) with this cooling and charging stand for the PS4. It’ll charge your console and controllers, plus hold some of your favorite games all at once.

  • Star Wars: Battlefront II PS4 Bundle - $449.00
Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 10.14.14 AM

If you’re waiting for the next Star Wars: Battlefront II DLC, now is the time to pick up the game -- along with the special edition console that comes with it? This bundle is perfect for the new Battlefront player who wants to hop right into the game.

Does your favorite gamer have everything? Give them more of it the easy way. While it’s just about the same as giving someone a gift card, PS Plus offers tons of valuable extras that make this kind of gift something that every Playstation lover will immediately use.

  • Playstation 6 Inch Plush Dolls - $9.99

When the day is done, rest up alongside some of your favorite heroes by grabbing one (or all!) of the Playstation plush dolls available on ThinkGeek now. They also make for perfect desk buddies!