Glitch Techs Season 2 Is Now Available on Netflix

It's finally here! Season Two of the animated television show Glitch Techs is now available to stream on Netflix. The new episodes join the previously released season from earlier this year to continue the story of Hinobi, Five, and Miko. Given the strange nature of the show and how it appeared on the streaming platform in the first place, these might be the last episodes of the show for some time -- and maybe ever.

In case you were not already aware, Glitch Techs was created by Dan Milano and Eric Robles for Nickelodeon before it ultimately debuted on Netflix, and it features the voices of Ricardo Hurtado as High Five and Monica Ray as Miko, among others. The basic premise of the show sees a group of teens take on video game monsters that have "glitched" and crossed over into the real world. In order to do this, they work at a giant corporation, Hinobi, tasked with overseeing said glitches.

It is worth noting that while Netflix refers to this as "Season 2," it is actually the second half of the 20 episodes that were originally produced for Nickelodeon. According to Milano, there are 10 further unproduced scripts and storyboards in addition to what's been released today, but there is no telling when or if they will be produced at this point. One imagines that Netflix will be closely monitoring just how many eyeballs the new season of the show gets in the week after release.

Glitch Techs Season Two is now available to stream on Netflix. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the video game-centric animated show right here.


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