These 'God of War' Blades of Chaos Won't Kill You, But They Sure Are Nifty

Whether you are a cosplayer, a collector, or just like looking at cool things, then YouTuber [...]

Whether you are a cosplayer, a collector, or just like looking at cool things, then YouTuber Odin's Blades of Chaos from the God of War franchise will be right up your alley. Sure they're made of foam and aren't deadly like in the game, but they sure are pretty to look at.

Before Cory Barlog and his crew re-envisioned Kratos and the God of War series in a totally epic way, the original God of War franchise stood on its own merit for its solid story and awesome weaponry. The Blades of Chaos were specific to Kratos and were as iconic as he was in the games.

Not only were these blades deadly, but they looked badass and even required chains to make them spin around for some pure god-butt kickin'. As for Odin's take, he's an incredible craftsman that has brought about many incredible replicas through the years and his Blades of Chaos are no exception.

But he doesn't just show off his creations, he also shows how to make them. His videos are absolute perfection for those interested in cosplaying or are just totally mystified by the craft itself.

Even better, he also shares how to build these amazing props for an affordable price. So basically what we're saying it: Go check out his videos!

Though the original games as God of War was when it was first introduced are done, that doesn't mean Kratos' journey is over. The PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War title from Santa Monica was hailed for its phenomenal narrative and creative direction. The latest tale was also awarded with perfect scores all over the world with early talks of "Game of the Year."

We ourselves couldn't get enough of it:

"God of War has grown up. For the first time, I am able to empathize with Kratos as he partakes in the human experience, truly capable of feeling and displaying emotions beyond the rage and spite which used to define him. Here we find Kratos as a stoically mourning husband and father, bent on fulfilling his deceased wife's last wish. Her desire is for Kratos, and their son Atreus, to deliver and scatter her ashes from the top of the tallest peak in the realms. Thus the father and son leave their once-secluded home, and set off for a great mountain in the distance," reads our full review.