‘God of War’ Blooper Reel Shows That Kratos Is Far From Perfect

When we reviewed God of War earlier this year, we deemed it one of this year's greatest accomplishments, an action tour-de-force that really defines what gaming is all about. Plus it's just fun as hell to watch Kratos rip up everything as he usually does.

But that doesn't mean the development process was perfect. Cory Barlog and his team at Sony Santa Monica worked hard to get the game polished just right. And if you need to get an idea of what kind of mishaps they ran into along the way, just check out the blooper reel above.

Posted on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, the reel runs about three-something minutes and shows how even the smallest things can create an awkward effect in the game.

The video begins with Kratos floating onto land in front of the tree that he chops down in the beginning. Then we get to see some of the flubs affecting Atreus, and how his face changed based on some glitches. "This is a perfect example of the bizarre sh*t happening with the kid's face. That's some creepy Fringe sh*t right there. It's like Hellraiser. That's f*cked up."

We then hear a run of Atreus' commentary, along with some still images featuring more bizarre appearances. And for some reason, he loops around an enemy several times.

Then we get into Kratos and, boy, are there some interesting animations here, including some rapid punches, some weird physic effects, and some other hilarious axe antics. One even manages to launch an enemy sky-high into the air. We're still trying to figure that out (or at the very least, do it in-game).

Then we get into some dancing clips, and, yes, they are as bizarre as you might think, with Kratos and company shaking their groove things around a location within the game. There's even a dancing number of enemies that pop up.

Cinematics is the next subject, as we take a close look at certain things, like missing objects, missing heads, running physics gone wrong and crazy glowing effects.


It's all pretty nuts, and pretty funny when you look back in hindsight. And the game itself is very polished, so you probably don't need to worry about seeing too many of these pop up in the final product.

God of War is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.