God of War Ragnarok Reportedly Sets New Franchise Record

It looks like God of War Ragnarok is already a massive success for PlayStation and developer Santa Monica Studio. While reviews for the latest God of War installment previously suggested that the game could be a big winner for Sony, it seems like sales have also already been astronomically high. And although it will take a lot for Ragnarok to sell more than 2018's God of War, it's definitely setting a pace to do so. 

Based on new reporting from GamesIndustry.biz, God of War Ragnarok has now become the best-selling entry in the history of the franchise in its first week of availability. Although these numbers are only tied to the UK, Ragnarok sold more physical copies on its first day than previous installments did in their entire first weeks. Despite being such a small sample size, it seems feasible that this same trajectory could be seen across numerous other regions as well. 

It's worth noting that one big thing God of War Ragnarok has in its corner when it comes to sales is that it's available across both PS5 and PS4. Unlike any other God of War entries, Ragnarok has the privilege of releasing to a much larger install base thanks to being across these two platforms. When taking this into account, it stands to reason that Ragnarok should sell at a higher rate. Still, to know that it's meeting these expectations is something that Sony has to be happy about all the same. 

What will be interesting to follow with Ragnarok in the future is the kind of tail that the game has. As mentioned, 2018's God of War ended up being a smash hit and became PlayStation's top-selling first-party game ever. For Ragnarok to reach that same level is going to take a lot, but clearly, early information would suggest that the title is very much capable of hitting a similar benchmark. 

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