'God of War' Creator Doesn't Know If He'll Ever Make Another Game

god of war
(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Earlier this year, God of War creator and Twisted Metal designer, David Jaffe, announced the closure of his studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. At the time, Jaffe revealed he was prepared to take a break from games development, but it wasn't clear just how temporary or permanent this break would be.

However, recently speaking to Colin Moriarty during an episode of "Colin's Last Stand Fireside Chats," the veteran developer revealed that he isn't sure if he'll ever make another game.

"As for whether I'll make another game or not, I don't know," said Jaffe. "I don't have any plans right now, and I don't really have any ambition to right now. I think if I were to make another game it would be harder to imagine doing it with the kind of stuff I've done in the past. If you look at what Sony is doing right now, it's amazing, I'm obsessed with Spider-Man right now .... but what they make these days is so different with the kind of stuff I'm vibing with right now."

Jaffe continues noting that he's been playing a lot of retro games or modern games that remind him of the stuff he grew up on, such as Dusk from New Blood Interactive. He then segways into revealing he may be interested in getting involved with something like that rather than a big new AAA title.

"Im kind of done with that," said Jaffe while speaking about AAA development.

Further into the interview, Jaffe reflects on the feeling of already climbing the industry mountain with Twisted Metal and God of War, and that to go back would feel like starting that long climb all over again. That said, Jaffe doesn't rule out a return to games development, but from the sound of it, he has no intention of returning at the moment.

Elsewhere in the Interview Jaffe talks about his last game before his current soft-retirement (Drawn to Death), what his studio was working on before its closure, his experiences with games press, spirituality, and much, much more. If you're a fan of Jaffe, his work, or just industry insight, it's definitely worth a listen.


For those that don't know: Jaffe got his start in the industry in 1993 as a tester for Skyblazer, before a year later becoming a designer on Mickey Mania. Then in 1995, Jaffe served as a designer on Twisted Metal, a game that brought him near the forefront of the industry. But it wasn't until Jaffe created and released God of War in 2005 that he propelled himself to the center of the industry's mind share.

Jaffe has had a long career in games development, one punctuated by many great games. Whether you vibe with his style or not, he truly brings something unique to the industry. So here's to hoping his temporary absence doesn't become a permanent one, the industry will be lesser if it's the latter.