God of War Creator Expects Ragnarok to Release on Both PS5 and PS4

One of the most notable faces associated with the God of War series believes that this year's planned installment, which is being referred to as Ragnarok, will release across both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. While this has yet to be confirmed by Sony itself, it continues to further the conversation surrounding the upcoming sequel the platforms it will be playable on.

The theory comes by way of David Jaffe who served as the director on 2005's original God of War for PlayStation 2. In recent weeks, Jaffe has been playing through 2018's God of War on his YouTube channel via live stream and at one point was asked about where he thinks the sequel, Ragnarok, will end up releasing. While the PS5 iteration of the game has obviously already been confirmed, Jaffe says he expects to see it released for PS4 as well. "Oh, I'm sure the next God of War will be PS4/PS5. Of course it will," Jaffe expressed.

One of the reasons why Jaffe went on to say that he believes this is because of how PlayStation's Jim Ryan has talked in recent months about how Sony plans to continue supporting the PS4 for a few more years. In fact, Ryan has previously been asked point-blank about whether or not God of War: Ragnarok would release across both platforms and he denied answering the question. Because of this, many, including Jaffe, believe that the title will seemingly be cross-gen.

It is important to note though that Jaffe himself is no longer an employee of Sony and therefore his theory here is just that -- a theory. Jaffe seems to have no insider knowledge that would shape his viewpoint on this matter and as such, his opinion is simply based on everything else that the general public would be familiar with. Still, it's interesting to hear him speak so definitively to this talking point with his own thoughts.

Of course, if God of War: Ragnarok does end up releasing on both PS4 and PS5, we'll likely find out somewhat soon. If Santa Monica Studio does indeed plan to launch the game in 2021, they'll surely have to start revealing more details and footage of it pretty soon. To keep in the loop with the title as we move forward, you can continue following our coverage hub right here.


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