God of War Ragnarok Developer Hiring for "Large" New Game

God of War Ragnarok isn't set to release until later this year, but it seems that SIE Santa Monica Studio is already planning its next project. The PlayStation developer currently has a job listing for an art director position on its website for "a new unannounced title." While Santa Monica Studio has published a number of games from external studios over the years, the company's internal development teams have been exclusively working on the God of War franchise since 2005. It's possible they could be working on the next game in the series, or perhaps something else entirely!

"They will coordinate large teams of artists across multiple subject areas to execute on the creative promise for a large-scale new project. The ideal candidate has been in a Senior/Lead role on multiple titles and is able to bring to bear their expertise in content creation, collaboration, and communication to craft immersive and engaging player experiences," the job listing reads.

Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing what Santa Monica Studio is working on, just yet! The opening would seem to indicate that development on this new game is still in the early stages, so fans might be waiting a long time before any sort of official announcement is made. Given Santa Monica Studio's development history, it could be another four to five years before its next game releases, so it's hard to imagine Sony making any kind of announcement until development is farther along. Of course, if it is another God of War game, we could see some hint about it when God of War Ragnarok releases later this year!

Job listings give fans an interesting window into the video game development process that simply wasn't available publicly just a few years ago! Developers and publishers know that fans like to scour these things for hints about the future, so listings tend to be pretty vague, and this one is no exception. Santa Monica Studio is looking for someone with experience on AAA games, however, and that should give fans an idea of the scale of this next project. Hopefully we won't be waiting too long to find out what that is!

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[H/T: Game Rant]