God of War Won’t Have Any Loading Time, Uses a Single Shot Process

God of War just keeps sounding better every time we hear something about it. First, we found out [...]

God of War just keeps sounding better every time we hear something about it. First, we found out that the game will have abundant replay value, between its lengthy main quest and its adjustable difficulty settings. But now, you'll be able to experience it all without a single hint of loading time. Nope, not even during larger battles.

A new video, which you can see above, has been released by Sony, that explains how the game was put together so that it has a "single shot" effect. What that means is that it will all come across as a seamless experience, without evne the slightest of loading times.

The game's director of cinematography, Dori Arazi, talks about this process at great length in the video, and it's a lot tougher feat than you might expect. With a world made of epic scope like God of War's, that's a complete shock.

That means the actors had to put in a great deal of effort into their performances, nailing them in pretty much one shot. Then the developers had to create the world around those performances, so that it all looks very seamless. We're intrigued by how this process really came together.

You can see intricate behind-the-scenes footage for the game throughout the video, including how the actors had to work, and how Arazi had to follow them around with a camera with "no errors." And then, again, the team had to create the game around that, so that it all became an immersive experience. He called it a "herculean effort in communication," but somehow, he and the team were able to pull it off.

It's an amazing feat, and makes us even more excited to play the game, and see how it all comes together as we learn what's happening with Kratos and his son Atreus. And who knows, we might see more use of this process in future games – as long as the developers don't tire themselves making it happen, mind you.

Fortunately, we don't have to wait too much longer to experience Kratos' journey, as God of War will be available starting on April 20 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.