Godfall Receives New Update and DLC Roadmap

Godfall was one of the lone new properties that released in the launch lineup for the PlayStation [...]

Godfall was one of the lone new properties that released in the launch lineup for the PlayStation 5 a few months back, but developer Counterplay Games has continued to support the "looter-slasher" with new updates since that time. As of now, one of the biggest post-launch updates for the action-adventure game has been released and it brings a variety of major changes with it.

Detailed on the official Godfall forums, this new "Primal Update" as it is being called has overhauled quite a few features. The update, which is free for everyone, primarily lets players continue to upgrade and level-up their character after reaching the level cap. This is accomplished through a series of new Ascension levels, which can lead to you acquiring new power and other bonuses. To go along with this, the Tower of Trials has also been overhauled slightly and new gear known as Primal items have also been added.

In addition to releasing this Primal update, Counterplay also provided an update on the future of Godfall. A paid expansion was previously known to be coming to the game, but the release window for this has now been tightened to the second quarter of 2021. Essentially, this means that the first paid DLC for the game will launch at some point between April and June.

What's even more interesting about this is that the arrival of this expansion could come alongside a release for Godfall on new platforms. A few months ago, it was confirmed that Godfall is only a console exclusive for the PlayStation 5 for a period of six months. This means that come this May, the game can then come to new hardware. While Counterplay hasn't announced any new iterations of the title just yet, it wouldn't be surprising if a version for Xbox Series X released within the coming months.

Until that time, Godfall is still only available right now on PS5 and PC. If you'd like to keep up to date with the future of the game, you can keep following our coverage right here.

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